"D.I.Y OR DIE" - My story so far...

Pretty much since starting this project, I’ve remained “behind the scenes”. I wanted to share a bit of news but also be a bit more transparent with the brand, and the crazy first half of the year we’ve had. Before this project started I had always struggled to actually have the courage to put any of my personal work out there. There is a lot of very talented creatives and it can be quite daunting to actually put something out when the standards are set so high. Instead of trying to be actively involved in the creative community I shied away from posting my work with the thought I would share it when I’m at a higher level with a more advanced skillset.

It was after creating the ‘LOVE YOU TO DEATH’ design, which was originally a drawing for my girl and the other half of Thirteen Leah, that I finally got over that barrier and decided to create this as my first art print. I had no real aims or goals for it, I just knew I wanted to force myself to be pro-active on a personal project instead of aimlessly waiting for the ‘right time’. Since then I’ve seen a lot happen for this small project, none of which I would have ever expected.

I was taught the art of screenprinting by Sophie of Hey Ho Print Co last October, I had always been interested in it and was lucky enough to have such a great studio so close to home. Since then, I’ve been given a lot of guidance, made a lot of mistakes, and had a lot of support and flexibility from the studio to allow me to print pretty much whenever I have had the time too (often leaving it last minute). This project wouldn’t be where it is now without the facilities and advice I am able to access, so I’m pretty lucky to have such a unique space on my doorstep. 

Since then I’ve connected with creatives I've looked up to, received positive feedback from so many of you, but recently started to struggle to keep up with the project, which is something I never expected to happen. Anyway to come to a point from all this, today, and every Friday going forward, I have the opportunity to spend the full day working solely on Thirteen. I have been able to reduce my hours at my current full-time position and get support to focus more on this project. This is something that I never expected to happen, and the first six months of this year have been crazy, but it’s thanks to everyone who has followed us, liked or commented on one of our posts, or made a purchase from us, that I’m able to do this. It blows my mind to think where we are in such a short space of time, I’m looking forward to more time to improve as a creative and grow the brand as a team with Leah. So thanks to everyone who’s supported us along the way so far. You’ll find me here, at the new home studio or in the Hey Ho print studios every Friday from now on. "D.I.Y OR DIE."


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