Thirteen Supply Co is an independent company run by life partners Adam and Leah. Born back in 2018 as a personal side project based on Adam's appreciation of the alternative music scene, tattoo culture, and love for traditional typography & design -  it has rapidly developed into a fully-fledged alternative art & clothing brand. We like to play devil's advocate with the concept of luck, the number 13 is deep-rooted as unlucky and seen as a "curse" by most, so we wanted to challenge it - for us, it has been a significant number in our lives, so it's something we want to celebrate. Sometimes, our style and approach may appear a bit negative or dark, but it is designed with a positive conviction - you can't have the good without the bad. We embody alternative values, interests, and attitudes in our designs and content to supply products that fit into the cultures that we love. Studio-Prep

We proudly undertake every element of the brand in-house from our studios based in Middlesbrough (North East of England). All aspects from design, the varied production processes, photography, and marketing are undertaken by us. We are a hand screen printing studio: we adopted this process early on and have stuck with it since. The hand screen printing technique allows us to create products with different distressed/textured finished, meaning no two of our products are alike. We have adopted several brand slogans over the years, but "BUILT BY HAND" has become one that we stand by. Creating something be hand means each product has an individual distress/texture; we think the slight differences add to each item. We ensure everything we produce passes our quality test before leaving our studio.

Studio-PrintWe're a small team and always appreciate the support, whether it's through email or social media you'll always be communicating directly with us, so do reach out if you would like to know more.