Thirteen Supply Co was born in 2018 based on the appreciation of music, tattoo culture, and traditional typography/design. We were born to play devil's advocate with luck, the number 13 is seen as a 'curse' by most so we wanted to challenge it. We're all going to die anyway so we may as well enjoy the good times with the people around us, so no matter what hard luck gets thrown at us, we know we're always able to pull through, and that's all that really matters. We are constantly supported by the friends we have around us, hence the co - this is our reference to surrounding yourself with awesome company. 

Thirteen Supply co is an independent collaboration ran by partners in crime Adam and Leah. We started this adventure cause we wanted a space to have fun and create products influenced by the cultures we love. Our style may seem a bit negative sometimes, but it's negative in a positive way. We undertake everything from design, all the way to production and even photography of the products. We hand screen print everything possible, which means each product could have a different distress/texture, so if you're looking for perfection, this might not be the brand for you but rest assured everything has passed a quality test before leaving us in-house.