BTS - Printing the next collection in the studio

Since we released the 'HARD LUCK' collection, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to develop and create the next batch of products. During this time, there has been even more changes, one of which was taking on our first employee, Nick! So we're now a team of three. Having an extra set of hands has meant that we've been able to develop our processes and fine-tune all the smaller details to ensure we get the best from everything we do - and of course to ensure that we are improving our product(s) to be the best that they can be. Nick will be helping with all things creative moving forward, so it's been great having someone to bounce ideas off for this collection. 

We took the time to learn a lot in terms of how we wanted to move forward and plan between each collection, and so we set aside a good chunk of time to be able to thoroughly enjoy the creative process. One big change was the fact I had more time to be able to develop concepts/products and also make any changes over time after sitting with designs for longer than usual. Previously, with only being a team of one, it became hard to keep the previous designs in stock and work on new items. It’s also allowed for us to work on aspects with how we actually print and how we can ensure that our quality assurance is taken to that next level. Both myself and Nick have spent time researching and experimenting with different colour palettes, new print techniques as well as finalising designs which you will soon be able to see on some of the new products.

We're confident that this collection is going to be our best yet and we can't wait to fully share what we have created, but for now we wanted to show you some behind the scene shots of printing some of the new designs: 

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