LOVE YOU TO DEATH - The design that started it all

This time of year is a popular one for our 'Love You To Death' design. It was the very first art print I created when we launched back in 2018, and is now a staple item on our website. It's a big design for me as it was the one that started it all, I originally created the design for Leah so it means a lot to me personally too. It's been amazing to see how it's become something that means a lot to other people as well, from customer tattoos to wedding day favours. The first version of the 'Love You To Death' design started as a digital print, but as soon as I learnt how to screen print, I adapted the design and set it up to print as a screen print. I love the natural texture from screen printing and it really adds to this design in particular.


Since the very first print, this design became one of the most popular and still is today. It has become a core item and is something that's constantly popping up on the press. It's evolved and developed onto a lot of different products over the years, including; enamel mugs, patches and t-shirts. We've got some really exciting ideas for the range this year that we're hoping to bring to life too!

My designs becoming tattoos was never something that even crossed my mind, so it's great to see the design worked up differently as matching tattoos. I love the culture that surrounds tattoos and the history behind them, it has influenced my illustration style since the early days, so it's something I'll never get tired of seeing. it's crazy that customers love the design so much that they want to have it on them forever. Below are just a couple examples of the design as tattoos. We love seeing them so be sure to send images either on Instagram or to


We've been sent photos from customers who have used the different 'Love You To Death' products on their wedding day. A popular one for this is the enamel pin badge. It has been used by the bride and groom on the big day, and even as a wedding favour for all the guests on one occasion. It's great to see it in use this way, as it wasn't something I ever imagined when creating the design. Again, I would love to see if this design has featured for you in any way, it would be great to collect a range of images to showcase as a lookbook, celebrating all the great relationships between friends, partners and families. Sharing moments and memories with those who you "Love To Death". 


Left photo of Vicky and Adam, courtesy of Jenn Garlick Photography.

It's exciting to see this design grow as the we do, it's already developed further than I ever imagined and I can't wait to see what the future holds for the range.