We've always felt the gifting side of Valentines is very one note & predictable. As always, we wanted to put our spin on things and so we created some alternative designs aimed at the idea of being gifted to a significant other. We started everything with the 'Love You To Death' design, you can find out more about it here

Love You To Death - Screen Print

You don’t have to spend a lot to show someone that you care - we’ve got lots of alternative options for less than £10! From greetings cards, pin badges, screen prints and even our “Love You To Death” iron on patchwe’ve got you covered for gift ideas for the ones you love. Plus our new greetings card bundle has you covered if you’ve got more than one friend or loved one you want to give a special mention to, get all three cards for just £6. 


Whether you want to make an obvious gesture of love, with our Love You To Death range, or something more subtle like our “Be Mine” and “True Love” A4 prints which pair perfectly together, or as part of a gallery wall - we've got you covered. 

Be Mine - A4 Screen Print

We have our “There Is No Me, Without You” design available as an A3 print and enamel mug - perfect for someone who might not always be with you, but is always on your mind. For this design we used the theme of togetherness and it is a great gift for the one you couldn’t possibly be without. 

There is no me, without you - Screen Print

If you're looking for a friendship gift, or someone who you are thankful to have in your life - a perfect option for this is with our pin badge sets. We have our “Lock & Key”, “Far From Home” and of course our best selling “Until Death” set. This way one can be kept with you and the other gifted to that special someone - a keepsake that will always remind them of the relationship you share. 

Lock - Pin badge

As well as our “Until Death” pin badges, screen print & greetings card, we have a brand new t-shirt released just in time for Valentines Day. This range is perfect for anyone you always want to have in your life, “Until Death” and so these make really thoughtful personal gifts for partners on anniversaries, weddings and engagements. 

Not forgetting our “Love You To Death” gift sets and products within this whole range - which offers a range of options this Valentines. A gift set can be purchased with either a black or vintage white t-shirt, and includes a pin badge, A4 screen print and sticker - with a saving of 15%. We also have our travel and enamel mugs, an A3 version of the screen print, and hoodie featuring our “Love You To Death” design.

Love You To Death - Gift Set

Wrap it all up and finish it off nicely with a sheet of our own hand screen printed wrapping paper. Our wrapping paper, along with every product we create in house (screen prints & clothing), is printed using eco-friendly water based ink. Our wrapping paper, as well as the majority of our packaging (boxes, tissue paper, envelopes & postal tubes) are all completely recyclable. A single sheet of wrapping paper is big enough to wrap our largest postal box, and can be cut to any desired size for anything smaller. 

Wrapping Paper

We hope you have a great Valentines, spending it with the people who mean the most to you - be that friends, family or significant other.