So a lot has changed since the last blog post, it's safe to say it's been a while. In that time we've moved into our first studio space in Studio 109, expanded into a second space, and now most recently Leah has come on board to help manage the admin/organisation aspect of the business and any other challenges that we face now! Everything has happened so fast I hadn't found the time to update the blog.


So what better way to start our consistent blog updates by taking a look behind the scenes at our new collection which launched on the 9th April 2021. We have created this range with a variety of themes in mind, pushing our illustration and printing style further. We've introduced some new colours, more complex prints and a new women's fit T-shirt. It's been great seeing these pieces come together, even if it was the most pushed for time we've ever been, but as a team we managed to increase the overall product and get some really strong designs out there.


One of the first designs created, was “Give Em Hell”, I had the idea for a tiger breathing fire which I've wanted to illustrate for a while, I wanted to use a mix of orange/red to give depth to both the tiger and the flames and I'm really happy with how this printed, I chose an oatmeal coloured top as it really compliments the colours of the print whilst adding a warm tone and the black outline really stands out on this colour! All the designs are hand screen printed in house, so I have complete control over this process, and it all starts with exposing the screens using acetates of each colour separation.


We wanted to add a new style and fit just for women, we chose to add this product with a few designs, including one of our staple designs, 'LOVE YOU TO DEATH'. Additionally we printed two new designs, the 'LOST & NEVER FOUND' and the classic 'STAMP' design. The fit of this t-shirt is super comfortable with a looser and more slouchy style, curved hem and rolled sleeves, a closer look at the fit can be found here in Helen's youtube video at 7m30s in.


The 'IDLE HANDS' was inspired by one of our first designs, 'ROUGH HANDS'. This new take is printed on a black top with our custom mixed warm white ink,  and is also available in a long sleeve with a print detail down the right sleeve. This design really shows how my illustration style has developed over the first couple of years, I'm happy with the direction it's heading and know I'll always look to keep improving this. I get the texture for my designs by using brushes from Boredom kills creative, his Inky boys pack has been a staple since I've discovered it and it's something I always use to create the line work on my designs. I also use brushes from True Grit Texture Supply to apply that additional beat look. 




This is just a quick look at some of our latest designs, the full collection can be found here.