BEHIND THE SCENES - In the studio printing 'THE FUTURE IS BLEAK' collection

I've been working on the first collection of 2020 ready to go live this Friday (28th, 8 am GMT). This collection is also going to be the most amount of products we've released at once, I can't wait to share with everyone how they've turned out. I focused a lot on clothing for this release, experimenting with new style t-shirts but sticking with 100% organic fair trade cotton so they're still super soft and environmentally friendly. If you're looking for more prints, I'm going to create more using these designs later in March, ready for the craft fair season! Here's a small look at what's to come, and how all the products are taken from sketch to final idea and print all in the same place. It's a satisfying process being able to work with the product every step of the way, as my techniques improve I'm able to bring more and more complex ideas to life, I've pushed the details of my illustrations for this collection and I'm really pleased with how they've printed! Anyway here are a few images of what I've been working on these past few weeks.

'ROSES' - Sketch

'ROSES' - Back print

'ROSES' - Screen print

'ROSES' - Unisex t-shirt

Screen printing ink

Screen printing ink

Screen printing

'THE DEVIL'S' Screen



'LOVE HURTS' - Longsleeve

'LOVE HURTS' Screen printing

'ROSES' - Black & Red variant 'ROSES' black & red vairant

'ROSES' Chest print

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